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Over the past two weeks, we’ve been working hard to address and resolve the issues that affected the majority of the gateways. We’ve also implemented several improvements that we hope will help stabilize the network and contribute to a better user experience.

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far:

  • Server infrastructure optimization, implementation of server monitoring
  • Various optimizations on Chirpstack, database and communication level
  • New Crankk Windows Installer and MacOS Installer
  • New Crankk Nebra IMG file (currently available only for Indoor and Outdoor Nebra, IMG file for Nebra Rock Pi coming soon)
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Light gateway users

By Beta

Attention all Light gateway users,

Please follow the steps bellow if your Light gateway is still inactive:
1. Log out from the Dashboard, refresh the page and log in again with your Google account.
2. Go to the Wallets section (moved on the left side in the main menu).
3. You should be able to see a model required button under your gateway ID. Press on it and select your gateway model.
4. Press on the submit button.
5. Once we receive your information, we will make some manual changes on the server.
6. Wait a couple of hours and check if your gateway status has changed to active.

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⚠️Attention all Crankksters⚠️

By Beta

Over the past few days, our entire team has been working hard to gather feedback and resolve various technical issues affecting our platform. Upon closer examination, we discovered that we made some crucial mistakes that contributed to the inactivity of some gateways.

During our ALPHA stage, the manual onboarding was running smoothly on our old server. The main goal of the BETA was to automate and test mass onboarding, but we rushed the process, which resulted in several important steps being missed on our new servers.

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BETA DEX release (2)

By Beta, News

Hey Crankksters,

We would like to provide some additional information about Crankk’s private DEX.

Our DEX is a one-to-one exchange between KDA and CRKK, where you can create trade offers for a specific price and quantity of either KDA or CRKK. You can also specify the validity of your trade offer in minutes, hours or days.

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BETA DEX release (1)

By Beta, News

Attention all Crankksters,

We are excited to announce that our decentralized exchange (DEX) will go live on April 14th at 01:00 CET. Please be aware that as this is a BETA TEST, there may be bugs and glitches present.

We kindly ask you to report any issues you encounter to us immediately so that we can work to resolve them as quickly as possible. In the event that we see any major issues, we may need to temporarily stop the DEX.

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By Beta

Dear Crankksters, 

Over the past few days, we’ve been gathering feedback from users who are struggling with different kind of issues regarding the ongoing BETA process, so we decided to create a list of FAQs. Please read it carefully, maybe the answers to some of your questions are hidden here. 

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BETA Mailing Day 7

By Beta

Hey Crankkster,

The clock is ticking and you are just a few hours away from joining our BETA group. Are you ready? Don’t worry, we’ll inform you shortly on the exact steps for purchasing your software license.

At the end of our first school week, we’d like to give your more details regarding the most important topic: the Crankk Proof-of-Trust (PoT) staking mechanism with its Proof-of-Network-Participation (PoNP) and Consensus nodes.

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BETA Mailing Day 6

By Beta

Dear Crankkster,

After you had the chance to get up close with our User Dashboard yesterday, today we’re going to open one more door — the wallet functionality. We will teach you how to create a $KDA wallet, as well as how to import an existing $KDA wallet into the User Dashboard. Last but not least, we’ll give you some more details on the Exchange platform.

The 3×1 rule: 1 software license = 1 gateway = 1 wallet

Crankk puts security first and believes that each wallet should be connected to only one gateway and one software license. This ensures that the user’s funds and data are protected and there are no conflicts between different software licenses or gateways.

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BETA Mailing Day 5

By Beta

Hello Crankkster,

On Day 5, we’re glad to present you two of the most innovative features in Crankk: User Dashboard and Explorer. Let’s get started!

Sign in to the User Dashboard with your Google account

Crankk is currently using an integrated Google Sign-In as a primary authentication method. This means that you can easily sign in to the User Dashboard using your Google credentials without having to create a new account or remember a separate set of login credentials.

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BETA Mailing Day 4

By Beta

Greetings Crankkster,

We hope we haven’t bored you yet with our long letters, so today’s lesson will be shorter. Let us introduce you to our awesome Local Dashboard.

The Crankk Local Dashboard is an advanced tool that allows you to access it locally from a PC on the same network, by typing your gateway IP and port :17080 into your browser.

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