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Over the past two weeks, we’ve been working hard to address and resolve the issues that affected the majority of the gateways. We’ve also implemented several improvements that we hope will help stabilize the network and contribute to a better user experience.

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far:

  • Server infrastructure optimization, implementation of server monitoring
  • Various optimizations on Chirpstack, database and communication level
  • New Crankk Windows Installer and MacOS Installer
  • New Crankk Nebra IMG file (currently available only for Indoor and Outdoor Nebra, IMG file for Nebra Rock Pi coming soon)
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New partnership – Koala and Crankk

By Announcement, Crankk, News

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Koala and Crankk, two innovative companies in the crypto and IoT spaces. Koala, a secure and user-friendly Kadena wallet, and Crankk, a cutting-edge IoT project built on Kadena, are teaming up to offer users a unique combination of digital asset management and IoT connectivity.

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BETA DEX release (2)

By Beta, News

Hey Crankksters,

We would like to provide some additional information about Crankk’s private DEX.

Our DEX is a one-to-one exchange between KDA and CRKK, where you can create trade offers for a specific price and quantity of either KDA or CRKK. You can also specify the validity of your trade offer in minutes, hours or days.

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BETA DEX release (1)

By Beta, News

Attention all Crankksters,

We are excited to announce that our decentralized exchange (DEX) will go live on April 14th at 01:00 CET. Please be aware that as this is a BETA TEST, there may be bugs and glitches present.

We kindly ask you to report any issues you encounter to us immediately so that we can work to resolve them as quickly as possible. In the event that we see any major issues, we may need to temporarily stop the DEX.

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Crankk — Tokenomics change proposal

By Kadena

Dear Crankk Community,

We are excited to propose a change to our tokenomics that we believe will facilitate Crankk’s long-term growth. After careful consideration, we have decided to move away from our multi-chain tokenomics system and adopt a chain-agnostic approach. This solution will simplify our tokenomics and make it easier for both current and future community members to understand.

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