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⚠️Attention all Crankksters⚠️

By April 19, 2023December 16th, 2023Beta, News

Over the past few days, our entire team has been working hard to gather feedback and resolve various technical issues affecting our platform. Upon closer examination, we discovered that we made some crucial mistakes that contributed to the inactivity of some gateways.

During our ALPHA stage, the manual onboarding was running smoothly on our old server. The main goal of the BETA was to automate and test mass onboarding, but we rushed the process, which resulted in several important steps being missed on our new servers.

Furthermore, we found out that almost 70% of all inactive gateways were due to users entering an incorrect gateway ID, regardless of the case sensitivity. We realized that we should have provided better onboarding instructions on this topic.

After long discussions, we decided to focus on finding the root of the problem instead of implementing hot fixes considering each case individually. Starting from now until approximately April 30th (+/- 1-2 days) , our team will analyse the current situation and make significant changes on the new servers. We have created a small testing group of technically knowledgeable Crankksters who will test all changes with different gateways in a special staging environment before we push them live.

We will also improve and reorganize the onboarding process to reduce the likelihood of user errors, such as entering the wrong device ID. All users with incorrect gateway IDs assigned will be provided with a solution as seamless as possible.

Please note that during this period all Crankk functionalities (User Dashboard, Local Dashboard, DEX, website) will continue to work as before, so that subscribing for BETA, software license purchasing and Proof-of-Trust for PoNP will be available. You can keep track of the latest network status here:

The Consensus nodes staking and adding the location in the Explorer will be postponed until we resolve all bugs and ensure everything is running smoothly. We will make an announcement for the new schedule.

We understand that this is not the optimal outcome for most of you, so we will try to find a way to compensate all users who have staked their CRKK tokens for PoNP, but have been affected by inactivity, lack of beacons or witnesses due to the current bugs on the Crankk network. The compensation will be calculated by an algorithm and will include the average daily rewards for the network for each day from the staking until the day of reactivation. We will inform you of the exact procedure when we are ready.

We kindly ask you to refrain from opening new tickets regarding known issues, as we are already working on resolving them. Our support team is currently receiving a large number of inquiries and is trying to respond to them as quickly as possible. If you have any other questions or concerns, please be patient, a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We sincerely apologize for all mistakes and appreciate your patience and understanding during this busy period. We will keep you updated on any further changes to the schedule.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Your Crankk Team