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Join BETA 2.0 Group

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Here you are: User Dashboard → Dashboard section → Join BETA 2.0 Group

If you see a message License bought at: under Your wallet details, that means you have successfully purchased a software license for this wallet (check the attached screenshot).

Don’t forget about the 3×1 rule: 1 software license = 1 gateway = 1 wallet. You must have a separate wallet and separate software license for each gateway you want to onboard on the Crankk network.

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Upcoming BETA 2.0

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Here is the announcement everyone has been waiting for!

The BETA 2.0 group will start on August 13th at 18:00 CEST. The purchase of a software license will be possible until the available 1000 places sell out.

The main idea of the BETA 2.0 group is to launch and test 7 new gateway models in addition to the ones already added to the Crankk network. You will still have the opportunity to onboard all currently supported gateways in the BETA 2.0 group, but the main focus should be on the new models.

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Crankk Update — End of Q2

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Hey Crankksters,

Over the past month, we’ve been working hard to improve the overall stability of the network and develop new solutions. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve accomplished so far.

Server infrastructure improvements

• Started to deploy load balancers and servers in Europe and USA to achieve high availability, easy scaling and faster connection in these two regions. Improvements for other regions will be coming soon.

• Improved the Kadena nodes availability, response time and uptime

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Upcoming consensus staking

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Dear Crankksters,

We understand that many people are eager to learn about the upcoming consensus staking process. In this article, we will provide an overview of various aspects and offer background information to help you understand the reasoning behind its design.

Consensus nodes play a crucial role in initiating and closing beaconing/witnessing cycles, as well as dispensing rewards once the relevant information is available on the blockchain. This information is encrypted using the public key of the directing consensus node and decrypted using its corresponding private key.

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Project Updates!

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  • Issue with Chirpstack Network Server for Australia detected and fixed
  • Authentication error 16 detected and fixed
  • API change to allow gateways to be sorted by different parameters
  • API optimization to allow User Dashboard and Explorer to work faster and more reliably
  • Improved security with bastion and SSH session logging
  • Internal tools to display the status of all gateways and their connectivity with MQTT and Chirpstack servers
  • Manual activation of some inactive Light gateways on the server
  • Manual activation of some inactive Light gateways on the server
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Latest videos on YouTube about Crankk

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Check out the latest videos on YouTube about Crankk, the Proof-of-Trust IoT project! Learn how to earn with Crankk from Crypto Miner and KryptoStars, and get tutorials on how to install Crankk on various devices from ZinoVision, econect, and Network Bits Crypto. Find out how to participate in Proof-of-Trust and import your Crankk wallet to EckoWALLET with Ei, Biba!. Plus, get insights from kevdog20 and Swan Castle Crypto on how to get your Crankk license and earn with MatchX M2 Pros. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to mine $CRKK on Kadena – watch now!

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By Announcement, Beta, News

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been working hard to address and resolve the issues that affected the majority of the gateways. We’ve also implemented several improvements that we hope will help stabilize the network and contribute to a better user experience.

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far:

  • Server infrastructure optimization, implementation of server monitoring
  • Various optimizations on Chirpstack, database and communication level
  • New Crankk Windows Installer and MacOS Installer
  • New Crankk Nebra IMG file (currently available only for Indoor and Outdoor Nebra, IMG file for Nebra Rock Pi coming soon)
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New partnership – Koala and Crankk

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We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Koala and Crankk, two innovative companies in the crypto and IoT spaces. Koala, a secure and user-friendly Kadena wallet, and Crankk, a cutting-edge IoT project built on Kadena, are teaming up to offer users a unique combination of digital asset management and IoT connectivity.

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