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Upcoming BETA 2.0

By August 9, 2023Announcement, Beta, Crankk, News

Here is the announcement everyone has been waiting for!

The BETA 2.0 group will start on August 13th at 18:00 CEST. The purchase of a software license will be possible until the available 1000 places sell out.

The main idea of the BETA 2.0 group is to launch and test 7 new gateway models in addition to the ones already added to the Crankk network. You will still have the opportunity to onboard all currently supported gateways in the BETA 2.0 group, but the main focus should be on the new models.

Please keep in mind that this will still be a BETA stage of the project, so beta stage technical issues may occur. We look forward to your constructive feedback and count on your support.

You can find below all gateway models that will be available for onboarding in the BETA 2.0 group.

Full Gateways:

• Bobcat Miner 300 (G280 — PX30–1GB)

• Bobcat Miner 300 (G285 — RK3566–2GB)*

• Bobcat Miner 300 (G290 — RK3566–2GB)

• Bobcat Miner 300 (G295 — RK3566–2GB)

• Controllino V1


• Dusun

• Finestra

• Helium OG

• Heltec HT-M2808

• Linxdot (CM4)

• Linxdot (Rock Pi)


• Nebra Indoor/Outdoor (SX1301)

• Nebra Indoor/Outdoor (SX1302)

• Nebra Rock Pi

• Panther X1/X2


• SenseCAP M1


• WisGate / RAK V1.5

Light Gateways:

• Browan MerryIoT


• Dragino LPS8 Indoor

• Kerlink iSeries

• MatchX M2 Pro*

• Milesight UG65

*Please note that the development process of Bobcat Miner 300 (G285 — RK3566–2GB) is not yet complete. You can purchase a software license and onboard the gateway at a later stage.

**Please note that onboarding a MatchX M2 Pro gateway currently requires a custom setup. Once you have purchased a software license and assigned your Gateway ID to a wallet, you’ll need to open a support ticket on our Discord server and provide us with your Gateway ID. We will then provide you with the next steps.

We decided to remove the unique personal codes to simplify the procedure of purchasing a software license in the BETA 2.0 group.

The Ambassador codes will remain, but this time they will be optional. If you like one of our Ambassadors and find their work helpful, we encourage you to support them using their code. This way, 25$ of the software license price you paid will go to the Ambassador’s wallet and this will be publicly visible on the Kadena blockchain. We will share the latest list of Ambassadors including their assigned region, social channels, KDA wallets and codes on August 12th at 18:00 CEST.

The rest of the purchasing process remains the same as in the BETA 1.0 group:

1. Create a KDA wallet and deposit a minimum of 250$ in KDA on chain 0150$ in KDA for the Crankk software license and 100$ in CRKK for PoNP. We recommend 270$ in KDA because of transaction fees and the variable price of KDA.

2. Sign in to the User Dashboard, press the “Join BETA 2.0 Group” button and buy your Crankk software license.

3. Find the Onboarding guide for your gateway model and follow the step-by-step instructions.

4. Sign in to the User Dashboard → Gateways → click on your Gateway name → Proof-of-Trust and participate in the Proof-of-Network-Participation (PoNP) by locking 100$ in CRKK in order to receive rewards.

Please don’t forget about the 3×1 rule1 software license = 1 gateway = 1 wallet. What does this mean? You must have a separate wallet and separate software license for each gateway you want to onboard on the Crankk network.

Please also note the following:

• The one-time compensation for the issues experienced during the BETA 1.0 will be released until August 11th.

• We are currently working on updating the Onboarding guides for all Full and Light gateways. The new guides will be uploaded to our website shortly before the launch of the BETA 2.0.

If you have any questions or concerns about the procedures mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to see you on board!

Your Crankk Team