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By April 11, 2023December 16th, 2023Beta, News

Dear Crankksters, 

Over the past few days, we’ve been gathering feedback from users who are struggling with different kind of issues regarding the ongoing BETA process, so we decided to create a list of FAQs. Please read it carefully, maybe the answers to some of your questions are hidden here. 

Q: I missed the chance to subscribe for the BETA and don’t have a personal code. How can I join now? 

A: We have received many requests from people who have missed the opportunity to subscribe for the BETA and didn’t receive their personal code. That’s why we decided to open the subscription form again. Please head over to and get your unique personal code. 

Q: To buy the license it says I need to enter the codes I received. What are those? 

A: Personal code is the one you have received by email, once you have subscribed for the BETA (check for emails from [email protected] in your spam, junk or promotion box). The second one is the ambassador or the international CRKK code. Here is the list with all ambassador codes by regions.

Q: I subscribed for the BETA, but did not receive the confirmation email and my unique personal code. 

A: Please open a ticket on our Discord server and provide us with your email. 

Q: My codes are not working and I can’t buy a license. 

A: Please check again your personal code and the ambassador one. They are both case sensitive. Here is the list with all ambassador codes by regions.

Q: I subscribed for the BETA and signed in the Dashboard with two different email addresses. Is this a problem? 

A: No, when you enter your unique personal code, both email addresses are linked to your account in our database. The email address you used to log into the Dashboard remains the key for your Crankk Dashboard account. 

Q: I made a purchase, but didn’t receive a confirmation email. Is my order successful? 

A: If you see a message ‘License bought at’ in the Dashboard, then everything is fine, even if you didn’t receive a confirmation email. In case you don’t see such a message, please open a ticket on our Discord server.

Q: I want to buy 5 licenses. Do I need 5 different accounts or 5 different personal codes? 

A: Your unique personal code is connected to your email account and can be used multiple times. So you can buy as many software licenses as you wish with one account and one personal code. The ambassador codes can be used multiple times as well. 

You just need to remember the 3×1 rule: 1 software license = 1 gateway = 1 wallet. What does this mean – you must create a separate wallet and purchase a software license for every gateway you want to onboard on the Crankk network. 

Q: I didn’t save or lost my secret key, can I recover it? 

A: We’ve received a lot of requests on this topic, so we’ve just implemented a “Reveal Secret Key” functionality when you click the 3-dot icon next to your wallet.  

We will work on a second solution allowing you to transfer your software license to another wallet of your choice. This will take a bit more time, so we’ll make a new announcement when we’re done. Thank you for your patience. 

Q: Can you recover my $KDA and $CRKK balance or transfer it to another wallet? 

A: Unfortunately we are unable to do this as we have no control over your $KDA wallet. 

Q: I forgot my wallet password. How can I reset it? 

A:  Wallets are encrypted and cannot be recovered if you lost your password. You can set a new password by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” button and re-import your wallets if you have the secret keys. 

Q: How to send $KDA from my Dashboard wallet to another one? 

A: You can import the wallets in a eckoWallet or another Kadena wallet manager and transfer $KDA with it. Use your secret key to import them. 

Our mobile app will be available soon and will allow to easily transfer $KDA and $CRKK between wallets. 

Q: I have sent $KDA to my Dashboard wallet some time ago, but the balance is still 0. 

A: Kadena has 20 chains and Crankk operates on chain 0. It is possible that your $KDA is on another chain and you need to make a cross chain transfer. To do so you have to use a $KDA wallet like eckoWallet. In addition you can paste your public key (wallet address starting with “k:”) here and check the balance of your wallet. 

Q: Why I can’t see my $KDA balance in my Dashboard wallet sent from Binance? 

A: Binance is using Kadena chain 2 and our Dashboard wallet is using chain 0. So you have to go through a wallet that support chain 0 and make a cross chain transfer from chain 2 to chain 0. By doing that you will be able to see your balance in our wallet. 

Q: How can I send $KDA from Binance to eckoWallet, how can I make the cross chain transfer and import the $CRKK token? 

A: We have created a step-by-step guide on this topic.

Q: How can I buy the Crankk software license trough eckoWallet? 

A: We have created a step-by-step guide on this topic.

Q: How can I buy the Crankk software license trough Zelcore? 

A: We have created a step-by-step guide on this topic.

Q: How can I import an existing $KDA wallet into the Dashboard? 

A: We have created a step-by-step guide on this topic.

Q: I have created a wallet in the Dashboard, but now I can’t see it anymore? 

A: Try to use the refresh button (above the “Manage wallets” button, next to “Assets”). Then sign out and log back in. Your wallet should appear again. 

Q: I have bought a software license and reversed it. Now I want to buy it again with the same wallet, but the “buy” button it not active? 

A: You need to create a new wallet in order to buy it again.  

Q: Which frequencies are supported by the Crankk network? 

A: EU868MHz, US915MHz and CN470MHz. The frequency AU915MHz will be added very soon before the start of the onboarding process. 

Q: Which gateway models are currently supported by the Crankk network for the BETA group? 

A: You can find the list here

 Q: I have bought my software license, what are the next steps? 

A: Here are the next steps: 

1. You need to follow the gateway onboarding guides.

2. The activating of the software licenses will start on April 15th 2023 at 00:00 CET and will run until April 21th at 23:59 CET.  

3. Once your software license is activated, you can start staking your PoNP nodes. 

4. The Conensus node staking will start on April 22nd 2023 at 00:00 CET and will run until April 28th at 23:59 CET. The ratio between gateways and Consensus nodes is 1:20, so there will be around 130 places for Consensus nodes available (first come, first serve rule). 

For more detailed info please refer to BETA Mailing Day 7.