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BETA DEX release (1)

By April 13, 2023Beta, News

Attention all Crankksters,

We are excited to announce that our decentralized exchange (DEX) will go live on April 14th at 01:00 CET. Please be aware that as this is a BETA TEST, there may be bugs and glitches present.

We kindly ask you to report any issues you encounter to us immediately so that we can work to resolve them as quickly as possible. In the event that we see any major issues, we may need to temporarily stop the DEX.

We want to remind you that you will be trading on a FREE MARKET with real money, so please trade responsibly and with small amounts. Please also make sure to prepare your KDA balance for trading on Chain 0. This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in the future of decentralized finance and we appreciate your cooperation in making this BETA TEST a success.

Please note that Crankk does not have control over the trades on the Kadena blockchain, therefore is not responsible for any losses, mistakes or issues that may occur during the DEX BETA TEST or any subsequent trading activities. The DEX is provided “as is” and everyone is responsible for their own trades.

We highly recommend that all traders exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any trades on the DEX. As always, we appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with you on this exciting journey into the world of Crankk.

Your Crankk team