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BETA Mailing Day 5

By April 5, 2023December 16th, 2023Beta, News

Hello Crankkster,

On Day 5, we’re glad to present you two of the most innovative features in Crankk: User Dashboard and Explorer. Let’s get started!

Sign in to the User Dashboard with your Google account

Crankk is currently using an integrated Google Sign-In as a primary authentication method. This means that you can easily sign in to the User Dashboard using your Google credentials without having to create a new account or remember a separate set of login credentials.

We’re planning to add more sign-in options in the near future in order to provide more flexibility and convenience.

User Dashboard

Welcome to the Crankk User Dashboard, where you can manage and monitor all of your gateways in one convenient location. It is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your gateways, as well as detailed statistics and insights to help you optimize your mining activity.

Let’s take a look at the individual sections in the User Dashboard:

• Dashboard — after logging into the Dashboard, you’ll be presented with an overview of your daily rewards for all of your gateways, as well as information on how many gateways are currently offline. Additionally, the latest Crankk news and updates will be published on this section.

• Gateways — here you’ll find detailed statistics for each of your gateways. This includes information on model, rank percentages, last action, status (active/inactive). By clicking on a certain gateway you can see additional statistics like last seen, uptime, lan IP, remote IP, temperature of your gateway, used space on the SD card, firmware version, $CRKK and $KDA balance, rewards chart by hours and days, as well as activity with all Send, Receive and Consensus entries.

In addition to managing your gateways, the User Dashboard also provides access to the private DEX and public Explorer in Crankk. This allows you to easily monitor your mining activity, track your rewards and trade your $CRKK tokens on a free market directly from the User Dashboard.

• Exchange — a decentralized exchange platform built and maintained by the Crankk team within the ecosystem of Kadena blockchain network. It allows users to buy and sell $CRKK tokens securely, privately and faster, as it eliminates the need to move assets to and from other blockchains and exchanges.

• Explorer — one of our top features! It deserves separate presentation, so please read till the end.

We’re constantly working to improve and enhance the Crankk User Dashboard and we plan to add even more functionalities in the near future.


Discover the full potential of your gateway with the Crankk Explorer, an interactive platform that provides a real-time view of the network’s activity. Keeping track of the online and offline gateways, as well as monitoring the consensus nodes, has never been easier!

Simply search for your gateway by ID or use the map to locate it. Once you pick a device, you can see its status, balance and rank. By clicking on it, you will be redirected straight to your User Dashboard for easy access.

Sort out your device’s recent Send, Receive or Consensus activity and check the reward you have received for it. Clicking on either the Send or Receive buttons will visualize the line of sight of your gateway on the map.

You can easily switch between light and dark themes to match your mood or workspace.

Happy exploring!

In case you’ve missed our mailings from the previous days, you can read the announcements on our Discord server as well as in the BETA section on our website.

Your Crankk team