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Project Updates!

By May 14, 2023February 23rd, 2024Announcement, Crankk, News
  • Issue with Chirpstack Network Server for Australia detected and fixed
  • Authentication error 16 detected and fixed
  • API change to allow gateways to be sorted by different parameters
  • API optimization to allow User Dashboard and Explorer to work faster and more reliably
  • Improved security with bastion and SSH session logging
  • Internal tools to display the status of all gateways and their connectivity with MQTT and Chirpstack servers
  • Manual activation of some inactive Light gateways on the server

Local Dashboard improvements

Test Beacon

• Internal test version to try sending beacons at different power level, frequency and data rate to identify possible problems with gateways not receiving witnesses


• Initial implementation of Tailscale VPN integration: it provides a secure and private connection to your gateways. To use the service you need to register and create an authorization key. We will provide an official guide shortly.

User Dashboard improvements


• Sort gateways by name, model, rank, last action and status (ascending and descending)

• Proof-of-Trust options now show the date and amount of CRKK tokens you participated with

• Ability to un-participate in Proof-of-Trust if the lock-up period has passed


• Support button moved to the main menu for easier access

• Scroll-to-top button added in place of the support button

• New “system” theme that displays a light or dark theme automatically based on the current settings of your device

• Automatic logout when session expires

• User Experience improvements

• Bug fixes

Website improvements

• New onboarding guides (v2) for Nebra Indoor and Outdoor with Crankk Nebra IMG

• New “Join Crankk” section where you can subscribe to Crankk PUBLIC onboarding

• Optimization of the website sections

We are preparing a plan to reorganize the server infrastructure for Light gateways. We will let you know when we make progress with this and the rest of the upcoming new features and improvements that were announced on May 3rd.

Please contact us if your Light gateway is still inactive and provide us with your gateway ID and frequency region (EU, US or AU).

Please keep reporting any other issues you encounter. Thank you for your continued support. Your Crankk Team