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Introducing Cross-Chain Features to Crankk’s WEB3 Wallet!

By December 21, 2023Announcement, News

Dear Crankksters,

We’re thrilled to announce the latest feature in our Crankk WEB3 web wallet: advanced cross-chain transfer capabilities. This feature is now fully integrated into your Crankk User Dashboard, revolutionizing how you interact with the Kadena Blockchain.

What’s New:

Seamless Cross-Chain Transfers: Transfer your KDA effortlessly from any CEX or DEX, even those operating on different chains. For instance, if you’re transferring KDA from Binance on Chain 2 or KuCoin on Chain 1, our new feature simplifies this process directly through your wallet in the Crankk User Dashboard.

All-In-One Solution: Say goodbye to third-party wallets. Manage all your transactions within the unified, user-friendly interface of your Crankk Dashboard.

Complementary to Third-Party Wallets: While offering an all-in-one solution, we fully acknowledge and support our partnerships with other Kadena WEB3 wallet apps like Koala and eckoWALLET. Our system is designed to work harmoniously alongside these platforms.

Unmatched Speed and Ease: Our focus on user experience ensures a fast, smooth, and hassle-free transaction process.

Exclusive Network Access: With over 50+ private Kadena Nodes dedicated to Crankk users, we provide unparalleled request volume capability, making us the largest private Kadena Nodes operator on the Blockchain.

Enhanced Security:

Secure Login: Access your dashboard with the safety of Gmail/Google login, ensuring trusted and secure entry.

Wallet Protection: Each wallet is fortified with separate password protection, adding an extra layer of security to your assets.

Our latest cross-chain transfer feature and enhanced security protocols mark a significant stride in our ongoing mission to offer the most advanced and secure blockchain solutions. Experience the next level of blockchain efficiency and security with Crankk’s WEB3 wallet.

  • We are continually enhancing the UI/UX of our Crankk WEB3 web wallet app. Expect day-by-day improvements, with all necessary features and extras being added to enrich your experience and meet your needs. Stay tuned for the evolving and improving Crankk experience!

Warm Regards, The Crankk Team