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Exciting News: Introducing Our Revamped Wallet Section with Enhanced Security & Advanced Affiliate System On-Chain!

By December 21, 2023Announcement, News

Dear Crankksters,

We’re ecstatic to unveil two groundbreaking updates that mark a significant step forward in your Crankk journey – a Refactored Wallet Section with Upgraded Security and an Advanced Affiliate System On-Chain. These developments are tailored to provide you with unmatched control, heightened security, and exciting growth opportunities.

New Wallet Section: Empowered Control and Robust Security Our redesigned wallet section has undergone a transformation, offering you not only enhanced control and functionality but also state-of-the-art security. Here’s what’s new:

Enhanced Security: We’ve upgraded our security protocols to ensure your assets are safer than ever. Alongside the new features, this enhanced security layer gives you peace of mind as you navigate your journey with us.

Transition to the New Wallet: Please log in to your wallets and allow 1-2 minutes for the transition to our new, more secure version. After this, you can create a new wallet – and don’t forget, safeguarding your secret key is crucial.

Primary Wallet – Your Command Center: This mandatory wallet will be central to numerous upcoming features, including the affiliate system, voting power (The Voting Power will be release in Q1/Q2 2024) and a host of other exciting functionalities that we plan to unveil in the near future. *Note that the primary wallet cannot have an assigned gateway.

Direct Transaction Capabilities: Say farewell to third-party wallet apps! With the Send, Receive, and Transfer functionalities now integrated into your Wallet Section, handling your KDA and CRKK tokens is streamlined and more intuitive. Note: The cross-chain transfer will be added in the following week.

A First-of-its-Kind Affiliate System: On-Chain on Kadena Blockchain In a pioneering move, Crankk is excited to introduce our revolutionary Affiliate Program, the first of its kind, built on-chain on the Kadena blockchain. This innovative approach offers:

On-Chain Transparency and Efficiency: Leveraging the power of the Kadena blockchain, our Affiliate System provides unmatched transparency and streamlined operations, ensuring a secure and reliable affiliate experience.

Tiered Participation Options: Whether you’re just starting (Basic), have a growing influence (Influencer), or are looking to maximise your revenue potential (Business), there’s a tier for you, with rewards up to $20 per license referral.

Rewarding Experiences: Earn lucrative rewards for each referral and offer discounts to new purchasers, fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Intuitive Dashboard Monitoring: Keep track of your earnings and commission rates effortlessly through your personalised Affiliate Dashboard.

Enhanced Earning Potential: With the integration of blockchain technology, your primary wallet plays a vital role in the affiliate system, amplifying your earning opportunities and involvement in the community.

We’re incredibly excited for you to explore these new functionalities and harness the full potential of your partnership with Crankk as a Community. Rest assured, this is just the beginning of our journey towards offering more features and opportunities!

Thank you for your continuous support and for being a valued member of the Crankk Community. The future is bright, and it starts now!

As we continue to innovate and enhance the Crankk experience, your thoughts and suggestions are invaluable to us. We’re eager to hear what you think about our latest updates! Please share your feedback and ideas in our designated Discord channels. Your input helps us shape the future of Crankk.

Your voice matters to us, and together, we’ll make Crankk even better. Thank you for being a vital part of our Community!

Warm Regards, The Crankk Team