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Crankk’s Expansion to Multi-Chain on Kadena & Exclusive Offer!

By March 1, 2024March 26th, 2024Announcement, Crankk, News

We’re thrilled to bring you groundbreaking news that marks a pivotal moment in our journey. Crankk, your go-to IoT network, has officially expanded its footprint to multi-chain operations on Kadena, encompassing a wide range from Chain 0 all the way to Chain 19. This expansion is not just a step forward; it’s a leap into a new phase of innovation, scalability, accessibility, and full transparency as always, directly on-chain.

Special Soft Launch Offer!

In light of our expansion and the exciting move to Chain 19, we’re delighted to present an exclusive offer that’s too good to pass up. For a limited time, we’re offering a special 10% discount on our software license, reducing the price from $150 to just $135, but there’s a catch – this offer is exclusively for those who buy software license and onboard their Gateway on Chain 19. This promotion is our token of appreciation for your unwavering support and an invitation to explore the enriched capabilities of Crankk on the Kadena Blockchain.

Seize This Limited-Time Opportunity

This unique promotion is available to everyone interested in joining or expanding their presence within the Crankk ecosystem. However, time is of the essence, as this offer is only available for a short period. Furthermore, we’re announcing the upcoming closure of Chain 0 for new Gateways, with future onboarding to occur on Chain 19. This is your chance to embrace the multi-chain functionality of Crankk at a discounted rate, enhancing your IoT experience with our sophisticated features on Kadena.

A New Chapter Begins

We’re incredibly excited about this new chapter for Crankk and the myriad of opportunities it opens up for our community. Our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service remains stronger than ever.

NOTE: Please ensure you have KDA on Chain 19 for the software license and gas fees. While the process on Chain 19 mirrors that on Chain 0, including participation in PoT for PoNP Nodes, you’ll need to lock your CRKK tokens on Chain 19. However, you’ll enjoy the ability to interact with Crankk Gateways across all chains, necessitating a KDA balance on both Chain 0 and Chain 19 for seamless beaconing and witnessing on a multi-chain level.

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