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Crankk Roadmap Update for Q3 & Q4 2023: A Reflective Overview and Looking Forward

By March 21, 2024March 26th, 2024Announcement, Crankk, Update

As we close the chapter on 2023, it’s a pivotal time to reflect on our journey through the third and fourth quarters, highlighting our achievements, acknowledging the challenges, and setting the stage for a promising 2024. The past months have been a whirlwind of innovation, adaptation, and growth, underscored by our unwavering commitment to our Community and the broader ecosystem.

Key Achievements in Q3 & Q4 2023:

Public Onboarding: We’ve made it!
Enhanced Local Dashboard: We introduced GPS support and initiated DIY support for Full Gateways in the Local Dashboard, making navigation and personalisation more intuitive for our users.
Operational Optimisations and Bug Fixes: Significant improvements were made, including GPS bug fixes, custom multiplexer development for Full Gateways, alongside comprehensive all Bobcat bug fixes under the CrankkOS image. Couple of patches about MatchX M2 Pro.
Security and Usability Enhancements: New features such as the ability to modify the default SSH password for the ‘crankk’ user and warnings for unconfigured Local Dashboard passwords were introduced, emphasising our focus on security and user experience.
CrankkOS and Network Expansions: We expanded our support for Full Gateways and introduced initial support for multi-chain PoNP, alongside the Alpha testing of CrankkOS, marking significant milestones in our development.
Advanced Configurations and Diagnostics: With the added ability to change DNS servers, install Tailscale using an authentication URL, and skip installing the multiplexer, we’ve empowered our users with more control and customisation options.
Ecosystem and Wallet Enhancements: Our ecosystem saw the introduction of revamped wallets with enhanced security, WEB3 Kadena Wallet, an advanced on-chain Affiliate System, improved DEX algorithms, and more efficient blockchain calls, including the stability improvements of Kadena Nodes, introducing Crankk Rank V2.

Reflecting on the Roadmap:

The ambition and scope of our 2023 roadmap were met with unexpected challenges and the realisation of unplanned features, which required a more substantial allocation of resources and time. This led to the postponement of several tasks initially slated for 2023 to 2024, including:

  • White Paper Introduction
  • Gamification Elements: Power Bar
  • Oracle Nodes Activation
  • BLE/BLZ and Wi-Fi Nodes Implementation
  • Conducting an External Audit

These shifts were driven by our commitment to quality, security, and the integration of feedback from our Community and partners. The postponement of these tasks has allowed us to dive deeper into the development of unplanned yet critical features that enhance the overall robustness and capability of our platform.

Looking Forward to 2024:

As we pivot to 2024, the learnings from the past year are invaluable in shaping our approach to the roadmap ahead. Our commitment to transparency and alignment with our Community’s needs remains paramount. We are excited about the opportunity to continue our work on the postponed tasks, alongside the ambitious new objectives we’ve set for 2024.
We understand the anticipation surrounding the developments mentioned in our 2023 roadmap and appreciate the patience and support of our Community as we refine Crankk. Our journey is fuelled by our dedication to innovation, security, and the empowerment of our users.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey together, and thank you for being an integral part of our Community.