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Crankk Roadmap for 2024!

By March 22, 2024March 26th, 2024Announcement, Crankk, News, Update

As we navigate through the currents of innovation and the winds of change, we’re thrilled to share with you our ambitious Roadmap for 2024. This year promises to be a remarkable journey of growth, expansion, and pioneering advancements for our Community. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon:

Q1: Setting the Foundation for Innovation

Custom Multiplexer: Optimizing the multiplexer for faster and more reliable communication across multiple LoRa Networks, without affecting response time.
Kadena Multichain: Expanding our ecosystem for enhanced scalability on multiple Kadena Chains.
Cloud Infrastructure Optimization: Elevating our platform’s efficiency and scalability.
Mandatory Location for Gateways: Ensuring optimal network performance.
Crankk Card: Introducing a new dimension of accessibility and functionality.
Mobile APP Test: Testing the Crankk Mobile APP close test version.

Q2: Enhancing Connectivity and Engagement

Mobile APP Alpha: Unveiling the next stage in our mobile APP development.
Add more LoRa Gateways for onboarding: We will expand our list of support gateways even more.
Sensors Onboarding Alpha Version: Public integration for IoT sensors on the Crankk Network.
Ranking System Activation: Fair rewards based on unique data packages and LoRa coverage.
Oracle Nodes: Strengthening our network’s reliability, accuracy, and offering more features for the
Community and the Network.
Wrapped Tokens: Offering versatile financial instruments for our users with a unique smart contract non-bridge between different blockchains.

Q3: Expanding the Ecosystem

Gamification: Injecting fun and competition into our platform.
Voting System: Empowering our Community with a voice in key decisions.
BLE/BLZ Node and Wi-Fi Node: Enhancing connectivity and accessibility, Crankk OSS (one-stop-shop) for IoT.
White Paper: Detailing our technological advancements and vision.
External Audit: Validating our systems for security and trust.

Q4: Shaping the Future

New Crankk: Unveiling groundbreaking features and capabilities.
Funding Program: Supporting innovative projects within our ecosystem.
Bounty Hunter: Encouraging community participation in platform improvement.
API Documentation: Facilitating development and integration with our platform.
VISA/Mastercard: Expanding Real-World payment options for CRKK token users.

As we embark on this journey, your continued support and enthusiasm fuel our drive to achieve these milestones. Together, we’re not just building a platform; we’re shaping the future of technology. Stay tuned for updates, and let’s make 2024 a year to remember!

We are sharing only our major tasks; we are still working on a daily basis to add more supported gateways to the network, updating and debugging our CrankkIMG and CrankkOS, and monitoring the entire network. We will not share any prior information about partnerships that are already in place before the work is done.

CEX and DEX Listings Exclusion: Legal regulations prevent us from disclosing financial events, including CEX and DEX listings, until such information is officially shared by the respective platforms.

Get ready for an exciting 2024 filled with surprises – you won’t want to miss what’s coming next! Stay tuned!