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Transitioning to Chain 19 for New Software License Purchases and Closure Chain 0

By Announcement, Blockchain, Kadena, News

We want to inform you of a significant development in our journey towards providing more efficient and saleable blockchain solutions. The time has come to transition from Chain 0 to Chain 19 for all new purchases of software licenses. This move is part of our strategic efforts to leverage the advanced capabilities of Chain 19 on the Kadena network, ensuring we continue to offer the best possible service to our users.

Key Points of the Transition:

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Crankk — Tokenomics change proposal

By Kadena, News

Dear Crankk Community,

We are excited to propose a change to our tokenomics that we believe will facilitate Crankk’s long-term growth. After careful consideration, we have decided to move away from our multi-chain tokenomics system and adopt a chain-agnostic approach. This solution will simplify our tokenomics and make it easier for both current and future community members to understand.

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