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BETA Mailing Day 1

By April 1, 2023December 16th, 2023Beta, News

Hey Crankkster,

Get ready for an exciting week ahead with Crankk!

As already announced, starting from today until April 7th you will receive important announcements, training materials and detailed instructions on the next steps for the BETA group. It’s time to go back to school, so let’s begin!

Key points of the Crankk project

Crankk is a decentralized predominantly open-source IoT project driven by the community with focus on Proof-of-Network-Participation (PoNP). It runs on an existing blockchain called Kadena and Crankk is a token on the Kadena network. All radio and data transactions are fully on-chain and publicly visible. With an unmatched level of security and flexibility, Crankk utilizes smart contracts and a Proof-of-Trust (PoT) consensus mechanism to revolutionize supply chain tracking and peer-to-peer communication.

The (C)rank(k) ranking system incentives high-quality and reliable services on the Crankk network, ensuring that only the best gateways receive the greatest rewards. The ranking algorithm is based not only on the location (there are no hexagons), but also on an average node uptime, network bandwidth, successful transaction processing, unique communication and data traffic.

We have exciting plans on the horizon, including the upcoming launch of a mobile app for managing Crankk nodes, expanding the network to new regions, adding more hardware options, sensors, rewards boost, gamification as well as Oracle, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and CDN nodes.

In short, the Crankk project is paving the way towards a more secure, reliable and transparent future for decentralized infrastructure and applications, so stay tuned!

How to book your place in the BETA group — go to the User Dashboard

As part of our efforts to expand the Crankk network and ensuring the highest quality for the participants, we are offering to our community a limited number of spots to join our BETA group.

If you have successfully subscribed to our waiting list, you should have already received your unique personal code. Please contact us if you had any technical problems getting the code — just open a support ticket on our Discord server or fill out the support form

second code will be shared shortly by our Ambassadors and the Crankk team on our social media channels. Both codes will be required on the last stage to compete for your place in the BETA group, so keep them on a safe place.

The real competition for the 2000 available spots in the BETA group will start on April 8th 2023 at 00:00 CET and will run until April 14th at 23:59 CET.

You need to sign in with your Google account to the User Dashboard and enter both codes in the “Join the BETA Group” section.

To secure your spot, you must create a KDA wallet and deposit a minimum of $150 in KDA (we recommend $160 worth of KDA because of transaction fees and the variable price of KDA) before clicking the BUY button. More detailed information and instructions on this on April 6th 2023.

After purchasing your software license(s), you will receive an email with an order number based on the time stamp of your purchase on the Kadena blockchain and information on which day we will activate your license(s).

Meanwhile you can prepare and onboard your gateway(s) by yourself using our guides for all hardware models supported so far: The guides will be available on April 8th at 00:00 CET. We have created detailed onboarding instructions and hope that you manage to do this alone, otherwise you can contact our support team. If you are successful with the onboarding process of your gateway(s), all you need to do is wait for your software license(s) to be activated on the scheduled day.

The activating of the software licenses will start on April 15th 2023 at 00:00 CET and will run until April 21th at 23:59 CET. To ensure quality support in the onboarding process, we will activate approximately 285 licenses per day.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of the future of the decentralized IoT on-chain world. Join us on the Crankk network and let’s create something truly revolutionary together. We can’t wait to see you on board!

Importance of the invitation codes

The main idea behind the required unique personal code should be clear — you were exclusively invited to join our BETA group. You may probably ask why you need to enter a second code and the answer is following:

We have created an ambassador program that will include one or two ambassadors for each region.

They will look after the community and moderate the social channels of their assigned region in their native language. So if you like one of our ambassadors, you can support his work using his code. In this way, $25 of the software license price you paid will go directly to the ambassador’s wallet and that will be visible on the Kadena blockchain. The ambassador program is subject to change as it will be tested during the BETA stage.

If you don’t want to support any of our ambassadors, you could use our code CRKK as your second code. This way you’re supporting the entire Crankk team.

That’s enough for today, see you tomorrow at the same time.

Your Crankk team