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Crankk official guide for onboarding a Linxdot Rockchip variant gateway


Here are a few things you might need for this guide: USB C cable

To follow this guide, please make sure you have the
rockchip-based version of the Linxdot gateway.

If you’re considering dual mining Helium, please remember that you need to onboard it with Helium first.
The easiest way to distinguish between these two variations is by inspecting the rear side of your device, where the ports are situated.
You can identify Rockchip gateways by the presence of
a ‘BT Pair‘ button located near the antenna connector, while CM4 units lack this feature.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of flashing the CrankkOS image onto your Linxdot gateway using a Windows OS PC.

1. Download the CrankkOS image.

Crankk Official Guide: Onboarding a Linxdot Rockchip Variant Gateway